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Crete, the wedding destination that has it all!

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Crete destination wedding

Crete, the wedding destination that has it all!

Crete, the island of myths!

 If there’s a single Mediterranean wedding destination that has it all, it’s Crete. From luxury living and a buzzing nightlife to unspoiled nature and deep-rooted traditions. Crete is the land of myths. The land where history meets modern life.

There are many reasons why someone should choose Crete as their wedding destination. Among those, the team of Just In White has gathered for you the top 5:

#1 Abundance of sceneries and landscapes for your wedding backdrop

Messara valley in Crete


Crete is the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean and, within its diverse area of more than 8,000 square kilometers, there is an abundance of sceneries and landscapes that will make every visitor fall in love with the place. Imagine gorgeous sunsets in idyllic seashores in the 1,000 km coastline that the island offers. Dense high forests and fertile valleys filled with impressive stretches of olive groves, vineyards and crop fields, surrounded by rugged bare rocks and breathtaking mountain views. Just pick the dream backdrop for your wedding and be assured you will find it on this stunning and historic island.

#2 Great climate

Crete has a privileged geographical position in the Mediterranean, which gives it a perfect, mild climate throughout the year, ideal for both outdoor and indoor weddings. The temperatures fluctuate between 9-15 degrees Celsius during winter and 20-29 degrees Celsius during summer. The winter usually starts in the middle of December with the colder months being January and February. Nevertheless, the sunshine lasts almost the whole year with greater intensity from April to October, while the bulk of the rain falls between December and March. The hottest months are July and August, but generally, because of the sea breeze and the winds, the summer is relatively cool. The presence of clouds is minimal throughout the year and the average daily sunshine is around  8 hours.

#3 Offers a unique culture for you and your guests to immerse yourselves in

Cretans are known for their sense of hospitality, a value passed from one generation to another since the ancient times. According to the myth Crete is the birthplace of Zeus, the master of the ancient pantheon. Zeus was, among other things, the God protector of visitors, who generously offered his hospitality to every stranger who wished to honor his sacred land. Hospitality to the Cretans, therefore, always was of utmost importance. Anyone who has visited Crete will attest that the value of welcoming and taking good care of visitors is deeply rooted in the locals’ hearts to this very day. Indeed, there is a saying in Crete that “if you are ever lost, just knock on someone’s door”. Literally, anyone’s door!

There are many unique characteristics in the Cretan culture that can not be found anywhere else in Greece. The two most distinct ones are the local cuisine and music. The Cretan music is mostly played using “lyra”, a local string instrument, that forms the heart of Crete and her poetic character by accompanying lyrics in the traditional fifteen-syllable rhyming, called “madinades”, that can be found nowhere else in the world. It is an extremely popular demand for couples who choose to get married in Crete to ask for a group of local musicians and dancers to entertain their guests during the reception. As for the food, the Cretan cuisine is renowned for its unique ingredients and flavors. It is based on local produce that distinguishes the dishes, such as mountain herbs and greens, bulbs, seeds and legumes, exceptional cheeses, fresh fish and meat, the famous Cretan olive oil, and raki the traditional grape-based, alcoholic beverage. It would be an absolute miss not to serve some local dishes during your wedding dinner and offer your guests a taste of the real Crete!

#4 Variety of wedding vendors for every budget

Crete has been gaining popularity as a desired yet fairly affordable wedding destination for the past decade, allowing many companies that offer wedding-related services to grow. From experienced wedding planners, florists and decorators to bridal beauty professionals you have a great variety of options to chose from. As far as the wedding venues, there is an even bigger selection of alternatives both for outdoor or indoor celebrations for every budget. It is just a matter of style and preference for each couple! Are you leaning towards a romantic and mystical fortress wedding, a charming and traditional chapel wedding, a rustic wedding in a gorgeous rural farm estate, a luxurious wedding on a private villa or hotel or a lovely and bohemian beach wedding? Whatever your dream, you can live it in Crete and be sure that the end result will surpass your imagination!

#5 Offers a lot of activities for you and your guests

Most guests at weddings that take place in Crete choose to combine their visit with vacation. For that reason, Crete is an ideal destination for a wedding because of the many and fascinating activities it can offer.

Besides the long list of beautiful and sunny beaches, the island is brimming with captivating historical landmarks, attractions and places to visit.  For history lovers, there are plenty of interesting archeological sites to explore, such as the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Knossos Palace, Phaistos and Zakros palaces. For nature enthusiasts, there are the CretAquarium, Samaria National Park and the Psychro/ Dikteon Cave, where goddess Rhea found refuge in order to give birth to Zeus.

Crete is the island of diversity, maintaining both a cosmopolitan and traditional lifestyle. If you’re looking for some fun and party vibes the largely populated areas such as Heraklion, Chania and Rethymno and some major resorts such as Elounda, Chersonissos or Malia are the way to go. As far as the outdoor activities are concerned, visitors can choose among many activities, depending on their interests. Hiking, cycling, motorcycling, sailing, canyoning, climbing, scuba diving, horse-back riding, caving, trekking, skiing, mountain climbing, parasailing, windsurfing, and kitesurf are just some of the activities one can find.

Cretan village


Besides the developed tourist areas with resort hotels, Crete is also full of invigorating little villages that offer a more relaxed and peaceful ambiance. Imagine throwing your wedding in the main square of a picturesque hamlet, filled with narrow cobbled alleys, little houses, folkloric taverns and kind and welcoming local people, that may not speak your language but they will surely treat you and your guests with a shot of raki wishing you “stin igia sas”.


It is a worldwide known fact that Crete is an island that has it all, a land blessed by gods. It has more attractions than any other Greek island and does indeed have something for everybody. From world-known archaeological sites to magnificent sun-kissed beaches, Venetian towns, rare wildlife, and impressive landscapes, delightful food as well as a distinctive music style. A wedding destination that can offer a great number of options for couples who want to celebrate their special day in such a unique place and create one memorable experience for them and their guests.

Justine Chatzaki is an experienced designer and event planner. A solid foundation in design combined with a natural appreciation for the art are the two most essential ingredients in her role today. Justine first started working in the weddings and events industry back in 2005, whilst studying for her BA in Interior Design & Architecture. She worked as an assistant to high-end event planners in Athens, experiencing the pleasure of delivering dream events to her clients.